Thursday, April 30, 2009

~Preliminary Announcement~

At least twenty-three of you are wondering, what shape is this thing going to take, and when? I've been propelled here to give you some answers. The fleet have assimilated most of the info they need for a correlative attempt at publishing this daily. They have apparantly tolled masses of demographics from dozens of foreign and familiar countries and together we have determined the optimal format of the FoFaSF's maidenhead founding.

Generally, the Freezine will feature two stories per week. The beginning of one serialized novel or novella, and one stand alone short story. The serialized novel will be published as an X-amount of pages a day, appearing Mondays through Thursdays, usually four installments per week. These pages would constitute one chapter or section, more or less. Serialized novels will run for as many days as they require. On Fridays, a stand alone short story will typically be published, anywhere from a few pages to, hopefully, not more than the average Subscriber can handle.

By offering one entire story every Friday, Subscribers may look forward to reading it at their leisure, over the weekend. There will be no updates from the Freezine on weekends, normally. Mondays will feature the next few pages of the ongoing novel, continuing on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and pausing on Thursdays (to be continued the following Monday). And so forth.

It will be a streamlined space vessel appositioned for maximum didactic effect. We have received some stunning submissions sure to leave each and every one of you reeling in your seats and drooling for more, each and every day the Freezine updates. With an average of twenty updates per issue, our intent is to deliver three or four new short stories, possibly an interview, and one serialized novella of slipstreamed reading pleasure.

That's four or five stories every other month from as many different authors. The editors are striving to keep the quality high and the aspirations low, so get ready for the ride of your lives because when this thing takes off, it will leave you speechless with pride to know you've embarked on one of the wildest rides of your life.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Welcome to the Freezine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

Accepting submissions now.

Please submit your short stories, novellas, and other original grotesqueries, including novels to be serialized, to

It's about the free and willing exchange of ideas.

This is just now getting off the ground, and will proceed at a pace determined by the editors. Rest assured, they are a fleet of supremely adaptable nanobots flowing through my bloodstream. These editors are nothing, if not efficient. They are working on the terms & conditions memo right now. Oh look there it is, flashing in my inbox already.

Here's the deal. The Freezine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (or FoFaSF, for short) will be exactly what it claims to be: free. Free for me to host, free to post. Also I'm free to boast, what I don't like the most, will be toast.

Writers who submit their stories will get nothing. They will reap the immeasurable benefits of lending their story out. The choice remains theirs to keep it up for a limited time, or indefinitely, whatever floats their boats.

The service I am providing freely here is exposure, maybe something more, perhaps something less. You agree to be karmically propelled further up or down the ladder, whichever the case may be. By associating with the Freezine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, you inherit all risks and responsibilities of the consequences. Just think of it: total freedom.

Authors published herein reserve the right to contact the editors and request their story or poem or entry be taken down, at any time. The nanofleet is keyed to my sentimentality, so they should be quite cooperative. They've been nothing but gracious to me, their host. I do only as they bid, and so far don't regret a thing. Hold on I'm getting a memo from them. *...---------...* They are telling me that the chances for future harmonious interface with their decisions are virtually guaranteed. I'm not sure what that means exactly - depends on what they mean by virtually, I guess.

So there you have it. I'll be pimpin' this thing on myspace, (don't know about facebook: my nanofleet have reported to me they are systemically at odds with the facebook protocol interface), through gmail, twitter, and whatever other means at my disposal I should come across. I'm thinking of disseminating this freezine from random modalities at odds with the establishment, for starters. Then I'll swiftly move on to facebook (after we perfect our loaded firewall zones) and reap the harvest from there.

Hope to see you all there -- in the virtual world of cyberspace.

~Your host possessed of nanobots,
Shaun thorngrub aka thornswrath Lawton

Archive of Stories
and Authors

Adam Bolivar's

Adam Bolivar's

Adam Bolivar's

Adam Bolivar is an expatriate Bostonian
who has lived in New Orleans and Berkeley,
and currently resides in Portland, Oregon
with his beloved wife and fluffy gray cat
Dahlia. Adam wears round, antique glasses
and has a fondness for hats. His greatest
inspirations include H.P. Lovecraft,
Jack tales and coffee.

Keith Graham's

Keith Graham's

Keith Graham's

Keith Graham is a computer programmer,
blues harp player, fellow beekeeper, and
speculative fiction writer. He currently
maintains 45 active websites. He has
published more than 50 stories over
the last six years in venues such as
others. Underground rock music
played an integral part in the early
days of cyberpunk, and The Freezine
of Fantasy and Science Fiction is
excited to have Keith onboard, and
grateful to showcase the premiere
of his passionate story of rock'n'roll

John Claude Smith's

John Claude Smith's

John Claude Smith writes weird fiction,
something between Horror and Magic
Realism, most of it psychologically driven.
He's had over 40 tales and over 1100 music
reviews, interviews, and profiles published.
He is currently shopping two novels and
a collection to agents and publishers, all
while starting the third novel. Gotta keep
on keepin' on! Looking forward to Rome
in the not too distant future, but for now,
just looking for the next short story to
be written.

David Agranoff's

David Agranoff's

David Agranoff is the author of the
short story collection Screams From
A Dying World, just published by
Afterbirth Books. David is a hardcore
vegan and tireless environmentalist.
His contributions to the punk horror
scene and the planet in general have
already established him as a bright
new writer and activist to watch out
for. The Freezine of Fantasy and
Science Fiction welcomes him and
his defiant vision open-heartedly.

David is a busy man, usually at work
on several different novels or projects
at once. He is sure to leave his mark on
a world teetering over the edge of
ecological imbalance. David's latest
books include the Wuxia -Pan
(martial arts fantasy) horror
novel called Hunting The Moon Tribe,
already out from Afterbirth Books.;
The Vegan Revolution...with Zombies,
[Deadite Press, 2010]; and
[Deadite Press, 2014]

Daniel José Older's

Daniel José Older's

Daniel José Older's spiritually driven,
urban storytelling takes root at the
crossroads of myth and history.
With sardonic, uplifting and often
hilarious prose, Older draws from
his work as an overnight 911 paramedic,
a teaching artist & an antiracist/antisexist
organizer to weave fast-moving, emotionally
engaging plots that speak whispers and
shouts about power and privilege in
modern day New York City. His work
has appeared in the Freezine of Fantasy
and Science Fiction, The ShadowCast
the collection Sunshine/Noir, and is
featured in Sheree Renee Thomas'
Black Pot Mojo Reading Series in Harlem.

When he's not writing, teaching or
riding around in an ambulance,
Daniel can be found performing with
his Brooklyn-based soul quartet
Ghost Star. His blog about the
ridiculous and disturbing world
of EMS can be found HERE.